Central cleaning systems

Stationary vacuum systems and dust extraction units

Stationary vacuum units collect the suction material centrally and can discharge into containers of onto conveying equipment. Standard components are combined and tailored into to meet customer requirements.

Dust or particle extraction, vacuum cleaning and vacuum conveying with vacuum units from 3 to 300 kW driving power. Filter systems of all types and all types of discharge components. Explosions protection according to the Atex standard. Stationary vacuum units collect the suction material centrally and discharge into all types of containers or conveying equipment. High quality components are manufactured in series production and are combined individually in order to create a vacuum system tailored to the customer’s requirements.

Mobile suction units, vacuum loaders.

Wieland is the pioneer and technological leader concerning the development of mobile suction units. The units are mounted onto trucks or trailers and are the optimum work tool for the bulk material industries or for manufacturing operations where in certain production where dry suction material needs to be extracted in large quantities or conveyed over long distances. Special versions for ADR materials and with explosion protection according to Atex are available.


BlowVac, the top class among vacuum loaders, consequent, versatile, powerful 42 kW to 300 kW, driven by the truck engine or by separate Diesel engine.

BlowVac vacuum loaders are high end units for applications in the bulk material industry. The BlowVac design is oriented toward customer benefit, suction performance and filter technology. Depending on the version, the suction material can be discharged into BigBags, into containers at a discharge height of up to 2 m or at a dumping site. Alternatively, the suction material can be pressure discharged with the blowing device into silos or onto roofs.

The almost unlimited suction power allows for suction rates of up to 60 t/h. Flexible hoses of a total length of 90 m can be loaded onto the truck at a normal loading height. Versions with explosion protection according to Atex and for ADR material are available. BlowVac, the vacuum loader which can extract anything – more is not possible.


VacTrailer, professional suction units for bulk material, powerful 75 kW to 175 kW, Diesel engines or electric motors.

VacTrailer are extremely robust mobile suction units for applications in the heavy industry where a maximum suction power is required. They are designed to the highest standards in terms of filter technology, machine availability and manufacturing quality. The high powered versions can achieve conveying rates of up to 40 t/h. The suction material is discharged into BigBags or open containers. Frequently VacTrailer are used in conjunction with intercept hoppers in order to increase the collection capacity. VacTrailer are mounted onto trailers for road traffic or for factory gangways or they are mounted on container frames or hook lifter frames. Special versions with explosion protection according to Atex and with nitrogen cooler for catalyst handling are available. VacTrailer, the professional choice.

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