About our company


ECOINTECH s.r.o. was founded as a trading company providing technical designs and engineering. We supply technological devices for industrial branches where the air filtration is necessary, as well as limitation of dustiness and emission.

We arrange complex projects of industrial filtration, using our experience and support from the European leading filter manufacturers.

We provide complex services from consulting and technical design to complete processing of project documentation, device supplying, engineering work and turnkey project completion.

We assist our clients to solve problems relating to air quality and to meet required hygienic norms and regulations. Our services are fully focused on the environment protection.

Our priority is contributing to decrease of air pollution and to ensure low operating costs during the whole service life of a particular machinery. Since ECOINTECH has no ties to any of manufacturing companies, we do not prefer only one particular production method. Instead of that, we recommend the best available technologies, which best fit client’s particular needs.

Why us?

Individual approach

We have individual approach toward every client’s needs.

Energy efficiency

We design technological solution with regard to energetic efficiency.

Consultations and analysis

We offer consulting and analysis for devices in terms of fire security and blast prevention.


We provide engineering of implemented technological units.

Professional installation

We supply particular components including their assembly.

Trunkey contracts

Turnkey implementation of clients‘ projects.

Our partner

BKB Metal a.s. is an projecting and engineering company focused on metallurgy, nonferrous metal industry, power engineering, mechanical engineering and steel construction.

Within all branches, the company provide complex investment services to its customers; from investment project and complex paperwork processing to structure turnkey completion.

ECOINTECH, s.r.o and BKB Metal, a.s. provide services covering these project phases:

  • processing of ecological project designs
  • completing project documentation for the supplier of emission-reducing technology
  • completing overall project documentation regarding the choice of most suitable manufacturer of filtration systems
  • complex project implementation and finalization
  • spare parts supplying
  • servicing during the warranty period
  • Our vision

    ECOINTECH’s business and social goal is to provide our clients a long-term sustainable technical solution which meets requirements of modern production processes.

    Our services, securing sustainability of technological devices, ensure cost-saving operation and maintenance which meet current energetic requirements.

    We respect both environment and each other. Thus we want to be a responsible company, which helps their clients with a responsible care of the environment. Therefore we are able to adopt innovative solutions, especially in cases when standard methods cannot be applied. We like challenges.

    „we are creating future together with you“