Hose and cartridge filters

Dry Dust Collectors

The Dust Collectors filter cartridge dust and fume extractor combines enhanced performance with ease of service while cleaning the work environment of irritating dust and fumes.
Industrial Dust Collectors is used by thousands of factories for industrial ventilation and product recovery applications including: Blasting, Chemical Processing, Fiberglass, Food Processing, Laser and Plasma Cutting, Mining, Paper Scrap, Pharmaceutical, Rubber Grinding, Seed Processing, Solar Panel Fabrication, Thermal/Flame Spray, Welding, Woodworking.

Features/Benefits of Dry Dust Collectors is a unit that is constructed to meet customer needs and demands Heavy duty carbon steel construction for long life – Dust collector module constructed of 7 gauge carbon steel. Door, hopper, inlet and panels are all 10 gauge steel. Baked on, durable green powder coat paint – All carbon steel components are 5-stage acid washed prior to powder coating for maximum paint adhesion. Dust collector is painted inside and outside for unsurpassed weather and corrosion resistance. Vertical design of the filter cartridges provides more efficient pulsing of dust, thus eliminating uneven dust loading associated with horizontally mounted cartridges. High entry cross flow inlet eliminates upward can velocities associated with traditional hopper inlets in industrial dust collectors. The channel baffles installed in the inlet protect the filters from incoming dust and separate the larger particles directly into the hopper, reducing the load on the filters. Using cartridge technology Dry Dust Collectors delivers clean air and long life while utilizing the smallest floor space of any dust collector available today. Utilize different media and pleat spacing to ensure the cartridge filters are fit for purpose.

Model Configurations

Dry Dust Collectors offers modular design for maximum flexibility – have it your way fast! Each module accommodates airflows up to 5,000 cfm each. Component configurations are virtually unlimited. Standard model configurations are GS2, GS4, GS6, GS8, GS10, GS12SQ, GS16, GS16L, GS18, GS20, GS24, GS32, GS36, GS40, GS48, GS48L, GS56, GS60, GS72, GS84, GS96, GS108 & GS120, but any size configuration can be obtained.

Largest single point discharge hoppers available. Trough hoppers also available. Hoppers shown result in lowest possible head height.

We offers Oil Mist Collectros

The oil mist collector uses a modular, user-friendly design to provide a high-end solution for high-efficiency oil mist separation.
With increasing production in modern manufacturing, energy consumption continues to grow, particularly in machining processes where cooling lubricants are used. As a result, there are higher demands for the separation of ultra-fine mists and fumes. Worker safety, production efficiency and capital equipment protection cannot be compromised. The Oil Mist Collectors provides for optimum results even under the most challenging conditions.

  • Economically efficient separation of ultra-fine cooling liquid mists and fumes
  • Collection efficiencies at 99.97% on 0.3 micron and higher particle size with the optional HEPA final filter
  • Long-life filters
  • 24/7 operation
  • Air flow can be adjusted without affecting the collection efficiency
  • Operator-friendly due to low-maintenance design
  • Tool-free filter changes with quick-acting clamps
  • Optional clean air recirculation
  • Plug-and-play delivery

Features and Benefits of Oil Mist Collectors is features premium collection efficiency under the most challenging conditions.

PROGRESSIVE FILTRATION DESIGN – The progressive design of ascending filter classes provides the highest filtration efficiency available in the industry. This includes the coarse separator mesh for high contamination, the standard CoaPack diffusion filter as a preliminary filter, a fine filter and the optional downstream final stage filter. This design makes it possible to configure the system for simple applications or for highly complex requirements such as clean air recirculation. This is especially true for ultra-fine mists and fumes generated in the course of high-performance machining.

MODULAR DESIGN FOR FLEXIBLE CONFIGURATION – The compact, modular design of the Oil Mist Collectors provides for easy, efficient adaptation to specific requirements and installation situations. It is available in four standardized basic modules with different air capacities, which can be combined in a large central system. State-of-the-art technology enables flexible adjustment for system conversions or expansion as production requirements increase.

INNOVATIVE FILTER MEDIA – The unique structure of the standard CoaPack filter material combines premium separation performance with self-cleaning features via optimum drainage of the separated cooling lubricant. The ensures extremely long filter life of the optional HEPA final filter.

EASY FILTER CHANGE FOR SIMPLE, CLEAN MAINTENANCE – The operation of the Oil Mist Collectors is practically maintenance free. When infrequent filter changes are needed, the change-out is clean, easy and requires no tools. The closed filter cassettes can be removed without being exposed to the oil coated filter materials.

1 Connecting box- For use with external fan. For optimum flexibility, duct work to external fan can be connected to either side.

2 Integrated fan- High-grade fan of compact design, with integrated noise insulation.

3 Top mount fan – For use in connection with a downstream silencer.

HEPA Final Filter

4 Final filter stage – Available as an option for particulates less than 1 micron, such as smoke, and to recirculate the air.

Main Filter Stage Module

5 Main filter stage – For CoaPack diffusion filter cartridges and optional use of the coarse filter stage for high contamination or clean air recirculation.

Bottom Element Modules

6 Fluid collector for installation on platforms – Downward cooling lubricant discharge through a siphon or by gravity.

7 Fluid collector with recirculation pump station – Use if discharge by gravity is not feasible, or for feeding into the cooling lubricant recirculation supply for the machine tools. Integrated pumps available in two sizes.

8 Fluid collector for floor installation – Discharge of the cooling lubricant through a siphon and by gravity.

9 Compact dirty air transition for connection to circular pipes.

We offers Coolant Mist Collectors

The Coolant Mist Collectors mist collector uses a modular, user-friendly design to provide a high-end solution for high-efficiency emulsion (coolant) mist separation.

The emulsion/coolant mist collector offer the highest available collection efficiencies, plus the ability to run „24/7“ for reduced maintenance, service ease and lower operating costs. The unit can handle the heaviest loads encountered in industry to clean up contaminants generated during milling, drilling, tapping, turning, grinding and other machining processes that utilize emulsion mist coolants.

Benefits of Coolant Mist Collectors

UNPARALLELED COST-EFFECTIVENESS – Standard-equipped, self-cleaning system yields safe operation, long-term durability and long maintenance intervals.

FULLY AUTOMATIC SPRAYER – Patented system counteracts emulsion clumping – this means that our separators can be operated almost maintenance-free.

TWO STAGE MIST SEPARATION – Two stage filtration provides efficiencies of 99.9% on 1 micron and larger particles. The compact corrosion proof filter elements can be washed and reused.

Multi-stage Filtration

We consistently achieve high separation performance by designing our filter materials to meet specific needs or to handle a given droplet spectrum. We do this through optimized, flow-engineered, multistage design:

FINAL FILTER – Final safety HEPA filters are 99.97% efficient on .3 micron and larger particles.
SELF-REGENERATING SEPARATION STAGES – The self-regeneration is achieved via diagonally placed filter elements with a slight incline as well as through the material selection and packing density of our filter cassettes. This provides optimum separation efficiency and drainage.

SIMPLE SETUP – units are modular for capacity/sizing and customizable with many optional accessories.

We offers Wet Scrubbers

The wet scrubber systems provide high-efficiency and low-maintenance removal of dusts from the workplace. Particles dispersed in the gas stream are brought into contact with a scrubbing fluid in order to bind them. This requires the generation of a phase interface as large as possible between the gas (air) and the liquid. The gas stream is then deflected whereby the inertia causes the particles to move to the surface of the liquid where they are contained.

Benefits of the Wet Scrubbers is Safe and most cost effective solution for combustible dusts, Highest operational safety, Low spare parts costs, Space saving design, Dust free maintenance.


The Wet Scrubber is a combination of centrifugal and water separator with a downstream ventilator which works on the water swirl principle. The pollutant-laden air is introduced at a tangent and settles as an eddy sink on the surface of the water. The special routing of the air flow generates an intensive swirl of water through which the pollutant-laden gas stream is led. Intensive mixing with the scrubbing fluid causes the pollutants to bond and precipitate. The radial-mounted spiral separates the liquid through centrifugal force from the pollutants bound up in the gas stream. The cleansed air is sucked in by the downstream ventilator and then blown out.


The Wet Scrubber Dual works with an integrated ventilator. Pollutants are separated from the air stream by means of a combination of water swirl and disintegration principle. Pollutant-laden air enters the middle section at a tangent and deflected. An air flow is routed to generate a strong swirl of water through which the contaminated raw gas must pass.Ultrafine particles are filtered out by means of the ventilator blade which is simultaneously employed as a disintegrator whereby non-separated particles are mixed intensively with water and flung through centrifugal force into a wall of water to achieve a high level of separation. The wet particles flow back into the bottom part of the equipment with scrubbing fluid where they then settle in the water-stilling zone. Then, the cleansed gas escapes through the central ventilation pipe.

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